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Bigzone Safaris Africa was founded in 2006 as a sole proprietor and was incorporated in 2013 . The owners believed that arranging holidays to East Africa that combined “sun” and “safaris” would be a wonderful idea! The success of Bigzone Safaris since then has been due to one main factor; our desire to ensure that all our guests experience a truly memorable holiday. After arranging amazing Safaris , Excursions and holidays in Kenya for 8 years, Bigzone Safaris expanded into Tanzania and now recommend exceptional experiences to Zanzibar amongst others.

We are proud that our business is owner managed and independent, and that our TEAM has personally visited all the wildlife areas that we recommend in our itineraries.

A) Personalised services to make well informed decisions.

Bigzone Safaris organisessafaris, Daily Excursions , holidays, honeymoons , Private or Exlusive Safaris , Family safaris and Holidays & beach breaks to Kenya and Tanzania and the Indian Ocean of Zanzibar . We are based in Nairobi and have offices in Mombasa ,Arusha and Zanzibar
These are specialized and complex, yet exciting destinations and for this reason, Bigzone Safaris aims to help you make well-informed travel decisions by calling on our extensive knowledge and first-hand experience, providing you with up-to-date travel information, and to ensure all your enquiries and bookings are handled efficiently.

We are on the ground , we can therefore, provide you with up-to-date information and recommendations. We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive personalized service from us, that you receive value for money and that your experience of Africa, Kenya , Tanzania and the Indian Ocean Island of Zanzibar is truly memorable!


B) Tailor made itineraries to suit your travel style.

Every journey is unique and has a personality. We carefully design itineraries to match the desires and expectations our clients bring to the table. To personalize a safari experience, we consider and bring together all elements that will birth an adventure of a lifetime . Our tailored itineraries are your safari dreams, defined.

C) Our travel experts are experienced in travel and adventures.

Our expertise in travel comes from years of experience in organizing travel itineraries . Being on the ground we have tested and modeled all the adventures that we offer before making them available to our esteemed customers . Our recommendations come first-hand, and they are your assurance that a safari booked with us is one we know you’ll love, because we have done and proved it.




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